Thursday, May 20, 2010

Road Trip for One

UGH! So sad! Mr. Yesteryear Acres can not come with me tomorrow to deliver the puppies and get my daughter's belongings from the Naval Academy. We had someone all lined up to come and help here at the house and of course, per our usual luck, they cancelled at the last minute. It is literally impossible for my husband and I EVER to get to go anywhere together. We really thought we had this one all set. We even told my daughter last weekend that for sure we would both see her one last time when we came to get her things. I just called her to tell her that her Daddy couldn't make it. She was really sad because she didn't get a proper good-bye after her visit here. She didn't even get a chance to hug her dad good-bye because we were so certain that we would do our big good-bye this weekend that we didn't make the time for my husband to get cleaned up to say good-bye. My daughter is heading off to San Diego and then back to Annapolis so we won't see her again until the end of summer. I am continually amazed by the lack of responsibility and commitment by some of the young people today. I fear that many of them do not understand the true meaning of work or how to apply themselves fully to a commitment. In this day of instant gratification I think the willingness and desire to work so hard for something and to save and save your money for that one day when MAYBE just MAYBE you can get that book or CD or something that you have wanted is just lost. Everything is so readily available. You can download a song you like in seconds. Watch missed episodes of your favorite shows online the next day. Instant Message some friends while texting the others while updating your facebook status all simultaneously. I think all of that takes away from the longing for something and the willingness to work hard to achieve it. Now I am not so hardened to say that everyone is like this - I am just saying I have run across many younger people who are settling for the easy road in life instead of pushing to see how much potential they really hold inside of them. What are their limits? How much goodness is inside of them? What do they hold that they can use to not only be good but to DO good. I think it is easy to be a good person, but I think you have to not only BE good but DO good. Do more than what is expected of you and reach higher than you think you are able. I think many young people think they know what their limits are. They think they know the ceiling of all they can be but really - they have no idea how that ceiling is. I believe that if you push through - that ceiling just gets taller and taller every day. And so once again I must examine my glass and find all the reasons it is half full. I am grateful that Mr. Yesteryear Acres is so willing to forgo his desire to see his daughter in order to do what is right for our doggies and puppies and home. I am grateful that I have a nice car to drive that will get me to my destination safely. I am grateful to deliver the happy little puppies to their forever families and watch their faces light up when they finally get to meet their new furry family members. I am grateful that I can plan the perfect music playlist all to my liking and choose just the right books-on-tape for my journey. I am grateful for the nice weather for my trip and for the chance to say my good-byes to my daughter. I am also very grateful that the people I love know the value of working hard and each day do their very best to not only be good but to do good as well.

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  1. I'm so sorry...I too have a really good Mister here in NJ and know how disappointed I feel when I'm looking forward to some hard to carve out "adventure time" for the two of us, only to have it vaporize!! If only we were closer, we'd come right over to get the crash course in supreme puppy maintenance...But, seriously, thank you for taking such good care of our baby. We are really looking forward to taking him home in a few weeks.

    Jean & co.


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