Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's Get it Done

Today was a typical "let's get it done" day. It started early this morning with a delightful Cup O Joe perfectly brewed by Mr. Yesteryear Acres so we were off to a very good start. Then it was off to run errands and more errands which didn't take nearly as long as I anticipated. I was home in no time and then got caught up on a lot of my correspondence, cleaned the kitchen, put away my mountain of Tupperware containers that had been drying in a dish rack for days and then headed outside to play with the pups for a while. We have one 9 week old puppy that is still available and one pup that is still waiting for his new family to come and take him home. They are both the sweetest pups and are doing great with housebreaking. They are fun to be with as they are super easy going and just love to follow you around wherever you go. It was really nice out and I think I can safely say that summer has arrived. The pups had a blast and we played until they were completely pooped out. After I took the 2 pups back in, I trimmed the tiny nails on some of our new baby puppies. I use little newborn human nail clippers and it is super easy to get all 18 toenails on each puppy done quickly. The puppies don't mind and I am quite quick after all the years of practice. I then fulfilled my promise to myself and got my butt outside and walked for 30 minutes. I was quite proud of myself for getting that accomplished. I really want to get into better shape. While I worked on making my face the deepest shade of red possible, Mr. Yesteryear Acres got the grill fired up for tonight's feast. We invited my parents to come for dinner and we had Roasted Chicken on the grill. Mmmmmm. Under the grill will now be a favorite spot for the puppies as the lingering aroma will last for at least a week. According to the puppies, the area under Mr. Yesteryear Acres' grill is always the bestest spot to play hide and seek in the entire yard. The big doggies like it too! Dinner was fun as usual and the conversation covered a wide range of topics from biology to great authors. A typical conversation goes something like this:
My son says, "Today in science class while we were dissecting worms, a kids took a dare and licked the worm."
While I am completely mortified by the thought - my daughter replies "OH that reminds me I have to tell you something REALLY important!"
Which of course my son tries to ignore but then decides the curiosity is too much to bear so he begs my daughter to tell him.
And so she says "When you dissect frogs, remove the eyeballs because they bounce!"
And of course my son is immediately excited and cannot wait to test the height of bouncing frog eyeballs and says, "OH that IS important!!!"
Gee that was a nice piece of advice to share wasn't it? I wonder what my parents were thinking? Hmmmm
Anyway - today was one of those days where nothing particularly exciting or earth shattering happened but nonetheless I was fulfilled by just the ordinary, everyday, life is good, lots to be thankful for, never take life for granted happenings.

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