Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today we celebrated my dad's 76th birthday. We had a lovely party at his house and my mom prepared a delicious spread. She is quite the cook, so of course everything was delicious. I especially enjoyed her roasted eggplant slices. mmmmmm. It was nice to be together and spend the day just chatting and celebrating all life has to offer. The doggies were extra good today and yes, we ALL got to go to the party which was particularly special. It is so hard for my husband and I to ever do anything together away from our home. The doggies and puppies thrive with us home all the time and we feel too guilty to leave them alone for any time period longer than 2 hours. We usually take turn doing family things and for fun things.....well let's just say I am definitely the lucky one. Today was just a nice break away from chores and having a delicious meal prepared for us was awesome! My husband and son headed for home right after we ate and my daughter and I hung around and spent some more time with the family. We got home in time to feed the puppies their dinner and since they were all so good today, we made their favorite meal - Puppy food with vanilla yogurt on top! Doggies LOVE yogurt and it is sooooo good for them. I often think that the commercials on TV featuring the wonders of yogurt for the digestive tract should also have doodle dogs as the stars! If you ever have a puppy or doggie that just is having trouble in that area - loose stools, gas... you know the smelly stuff... try mixing in some yogurt. It does wonders for their digestive tract. Puppies just LOVE it and I definitely recommend adding yogurt to their food the first few days after they arrive at their new home, are going through growth spurts or just aren't feeling up to par. Tonight all the puppies really appreciated the delicious treat. The bowls were licked clean and now the puppies are conked out with full tummies and big smiles on their faces. Or should I say big smiles on their slightly sticky yogurty faces. Time for the warm washcloth! Bath time!!!!
Happy Sunday!

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