Friday, May 28, 2010

Single Fluffy puppy seeking best friend to love

We have an awesome 9 week old doodle puppy that is now available. The family that picked him out when he was just a wee little pup can no longer come to get him. He is the sweetest little guy with a fantastic non-shedding coat. He comes when he is called, has an awesome headstart on housebreaking and is super affectionate. He is perfect for a family looking for a gentle easy going pup with a heart of gold. Isn't he adorable? I hope he finds his new home soon as he is ready for his forever family.
All of our little doodle babies here are all doing really well. The mommies are doing great work taking care of them and they are getting just a little bit bigger each day. We are not expecting any more new babies until August so our summer will be pretty quiet. Hopefully we will get some of the MUCH needed home improvement projects done. The most important project is our bedroom. Last year....yes..I did just say LAST year as in 2009, my sweet dear darling husband emptied our bedroom and began what was supposed to be a nice new paint job in our bedroom. We moved all our belongings out and have them in various rooms around the house. Currently we sleep downstairs right next to the puppies. I am sure you all think awwwwwwwwwww how cute! I know the puppies all think awwwwwwwwww how cute. I think even Mr. Yesteryear Acres thinks awwwwwwwww how cute. I however do not think it is all that cute. I am the world's lightest sleeper. Every little noise wakes me up no matter how tired I am. I have earplugs in place every evening, but that does little to stop my restless nights and when you have cute little puppies right next to your bed - they want to talk to you. And play with you. And stare at you. They say things like "HI! Are you awake? How about now? How about now? I bet you are awake now? What if I lick your hand? What if I tilt my head so I look ever so cute with big puppy dog eyes? Will you wake up now? OH PLEASE OH PLEASE!! Do you wanna play?? How about now??!!?" And what does Mr. Yesteryear Acres say to all this talking? NOTHING! Because he is always FAST ASLEEP! So I have been begging him to get the bedroom finished but alas - it is still far away from being completed. First Mr. Yesteryear Acres had to insist on putting in all new electric. Yes - I know, I know - having something called a "light switch" is very nice. Also having electrical outlets in the room where you could "gasp" PLUG something IN is also very nice. Since our house is so old (built in 1823) electrical outlets are quite absent. All our walls are made of solid bricks. Even the interior walls are brick covered in plaster. Every job that looks to be small and insignificant turns into a never ending exhausting project that takes forever. And so I sleep downstairs. Next to the puppies. Every night. All that is needed (says Mr. Yesteryear Acres) is a few weeks where he can solidly work upstairs. Well those weeks are coming!!!! Starting in July I hope to have some progress reports on our renovation project!!! It will be so luxurious to sleep in a bedroom. In private. With a door and everything. Ahhhhhh the mere thought of it makes me smile with great anticipation and hope.

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    did you find a home for this little guy?


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