Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Puppy Mobile to the Naval Academy

This Friday we are delivering several puppies to the East Coast area. I can't wait for the new families to finally meet their new puppies. It will be an exciting trip. Mr. Yesteryear Acres is busy turning our SUV into a Puppy Mobile. He is completely outfitting the back so the puppies will have lots of room to run and play and is even making a "potty friendly" area. The puppies will be riding in style! I think with the ingenious set up, we won't have to make any stops! Okay - scratch that. I think with the ingenious set up, the PUPPIES won't need to make any stops LOL. Since Mr. Yesteryear Acres is driving, well let's just say he loves coffee....and what goes in....must come out. Whenever I make the trip alone, I can do the drive with only one stop. I can actually do it without stopping at all but I have to admit the last hour is pretty darn uncomfortable so I usually stop midway. It is good to get out and stretch the ole legs and take a quick break. The big reason for the trip besides delivering the cute puppies is to pick up ALLLLL of my daughter's belongings from the Naval Academy. Their rooms must be completely empty for the summer. It is quite astonishing just how much stuff they have considering each plebe showed up with nothing more than a toothbrush. I am always astounded by the sheer mass. It literally fills the entire SUV. I certainly hope my daughter has time to get everything packed. Today was Sea Trials - a 14+ hour grueling ordeal that the plebes must endure in order to graduate from their plebe year. What was one of the hardest and longest days last year when my daughter was a plebe became her favorite day this year. She was quite the motivator and loved every minute. I have to say I was more than impressed with all the photos the Naval Academy posted. Both the motivators and those being motivated looked awesome. I feel the need to bring lots of treats this weekend to congratulate them all for a job well done. I believe the Puppy Mobile will also have to be known as the Banana Bread Mobile, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mobile and then on the way home the Moving Van Mobile. I hope our vehicle is up to the task! Guess I better start getting the puppy care packages ready and then move on to baking!

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