Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Today was a day full of mixed emotions. For the most part, I was really overflowing with joy. I had the nicest families picking up their puppies today and they really made my day. I was certainly blessed with the kindest group of people who will be just the very bestest puppy owners. I was so happy watching their faces as they saw their sweet new puppies. I was happy for them and so happy for my puppies too. As they were leaving, I was actually sad that they didn't live closer! They are the kind of people you would love to have as neighbors, invite over for a barbecue or just hang out and have fun with. Most came from quite a distance so chances are we won't see each other again. I felt sad that our weekly emails will be over now that their puppies are living happily at their homes. I do hope that we stay "penpals" as they are super positive, friendly, the glass is always full type people. Puppies you are lucky!!! After all the puppies went home the rest of the day was spent getting my younger daughter ready for Prom. We did the nails, the pedicure (which I might say looked ever so professional), the hair and the make-up. My daughter got the works. We had so much fun getting her ready. My older daughter did the best job on her hair. It was amazing and the final updo could be published in a salon magazine. Not a hair was out of place and the curls were perfect. As I watched my older daughter do my younger daughter's hair, it struck me how quickly time flies. In one short year, my younger daughter will be preparing to graduate from high school and then will be on her way to fulfill her dreams. I desperately want the year to go by as slowly as possible. This week has been so perfect. I have enjoyed every minute and just love having my whole family together. I was so happy watching my younger daughter enjoy her day. I took tons of photos and she looked absolutely beautiful. I wish I could stop time - just for a little longer. I am filled to the depths of my soul with pride and joy of having my one daughter doing so well at the Naval Academy and my other daughter well on her way to achieving similar success. And yet at the same time I am filled with such melancholy over the thought of having my younger daughter begin her senior year and having my older daughter leave tomorrow. I deeply wish that my daughters could stay with me forever as much as I deeply wish for them to go and continue fulfilling their dreams. It is a turmoil of mixed emotions - the joy and the sadness. Each one filling me to the brim. Luckily I was very brave all day and only showed my joyous side, taking photos, preserving memories and treasuring every moment of my day.

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  1. My heart is all stretched out in every direction, and a tear just fell in my coffee. It is so refreshing to see people that FEEL to the depths. That's what makes us alive.

    Sending you a big hug.

    LeAnne in NC


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