Monday, May 17, 2010

No More Stalking the Mail Carrier!

The BIG envelope arrived in today's mail! My younger daughter was accepted into the AIM program at the United States Coast Guard Academy! This is just the best news! The AIM program is a week long program designed to give prospective cadets a sneak peek at what life will be like as a student at USCGA. It is pretty much a mini boot camp. Very few are selected and it is a big honor to be able to attend the AIM program. My daughter would very much like to attend the Coast Guard Academy so this is a big step towards making her dreams come true. We are all so excited here! So now - we must prepare. I need to make hotel reservations in Connecticut and get my summer plans all in order. We need to find out exactly what she needs to bring for the week and make sure we have everything ready. If you know any one else attending AIM - feel free to send me a comment or email. It would be fun for my daughter to meet other attendees. I suppose June will now be known as "physical fitness month". My daughter is in excellent swimming shape - so now comes the running part. I guess her new running shoes will definitely be getting a good workout now. I better start working out a little more so I can run with her. Okay that was a bit toooo optimistic. I think I better start working out a little more so that I can walk while she runs laps around me. Ummmmm okay maybe that was also a bit too optimistic. Alright - I think I better start working out a little more so that I can make it back to the car. There. That is a much more realistic goal. Amelia, I am on my way!

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