Saturday, May 15, 2010

Get Moving

Today my daughter and I spent tons of time with the puppies. We took new pictures of the pups and played outside for hours. It was a lot of fun. I think she was secretly trying to smuggle several of the puppies into her suitcase to take back to the Naval Academy. We then came inside and while the puppies napped, we got their puppy take home care packages all ready. We have lots of puppies going to their new homes this weekend and each puppy needs a puppy care bag with puppy information, puppy baby blanket, new collar and puppy food. We try to make sure our puppies start out with everything they need to feel safe, secure, healthy and happy. After all the kits were assembled we headed off to a beautiful arboretum that is located a few miles from our house. The summer my daughter left for the Naval Academy we went almost every day. We worked out and got into great shape and had fun doing it. I forgot how much I love it there. I believe there are almost 3000 acres at the arboretum and they have so many flowering trees, gardens, flowers, and walking trails it is a paradise rich with nature's beauties. My favorite spot is the Japanese Garden. It is so peaceful and so beautiful, I could spend all day there. The little lake at the Japanese garden has an incredible array of artistic gardening surrounding it. I feel as though I am walking through a photograph of Japanese art. I really love it. My daughter jogged her 3 miles quite quickly while I walked almost 2 miles and realized that I definitely need to visit the arboretum much more regularly. I was beet red in the face, hot and tired when we finished. And so I declare today as Day one of "GET MOVING" as I work on my promise to walk off the winter padding. I am happy my daughter was here to get me motivated to start on the road to fitness. I am going to make exercising regularly a priority. I need to stay healthy and fit so that I can continue to enjoy all that life has to offer. I hereby promise IN WRITING with all my dear readers as witnesses that I will work out for at least 30 minutes - a minimum of 3 times per week. There. I said it. My months of thinking about planning to hope to start getting ready to begin thinking about working out are now over. Today - no more thinking about it. Today marks the beginning of DOING it. Anyone with me? Anyone want to join me on the road to better health? I can attest that it all begins with just one step, followed by another, and then another. I just hope tomorrow I can get out of bed!

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  1. Tomorrow our Mid comes home for a 2 week leave before going to Cairo for language school; then a month aviation "cruise"; and finally an internship at the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency. So like you, we'll be happy having him home for a few days.

    Now to your point ...we have begun the journey including physicals, exercise regiment, spiritual nurture, and altering our food consumption menu and patterns. Near miraculous improvements in 5 weeks. We're "on board!"

    btw, we've 4 dogs, too. They help!

    GO NAVY! Beat everyone!


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