Sunday, May 16, 2010

End of the Weekend

The last day of the weekend was enjoyed by us all. We stretched every precious minute that we could out of our day. The weather was cool and sunny and just perfect for playing outside. The puppies all had a blast running around the yard and we soaked up all the fun we could. Mr. Yesteryear Acres aka The Best Rib Man EVER cooked his famous BBQ ribs for our picnic. He has a talent for making the most delicious ribs you have ever tasted. The BBQ sauce is really thick and sticks to your teeth and is irresistible. I made a fresh pasta salad to go with the ribs and we had yummy rolls as well. We ate really early to avoid any last minute rushing and the meal, the company, the weather, the laughter, the timing and the table for five - it was all perfect. I got my older daughter to the airport in plenty of time and the ticket agent was nice enough to issue a companion pass for me so I could sit with my daughter at the gate to wait for her plane. We had over an hour to sit and talk and it was a nice end to a lovely visit. I arrived back home to find that my younger daughter had cleaned all the dishes and was eagerly awaiting for me to join her to watch the season finale of Survivor. We popped some popcorn (some have gone as far as to call it "World's Famous Popcorn") and watched the entire 3 hours. I know, I know, some people might say that Survivor is far from being the greatest TV show, but I am a big fan and have never missed an episode in their 20 seasons of being on the air. Jeff Probst was particularly funny in the "reunion show" and it was nice to end my weekend with big laughs and smiles. Thanks CBS for another great season...I am already looking forward to Season 21!

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