Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blame Me

How many of you ventured outside today and then RAN back inside as fast as you could to grab a PARKA????!!!!! Then once you went outside with your parka firmly fastened, the wind RIPPED it off your body leaving you exposed to the sub arctic blast of cold air! I bet you were thinking....WHERE DID THIS WEATHER COME FROM?! Well, I confess, it came from me. Yesterday I was really hot. I did puppy pictures, took a walk, worked outside a bit and MAN I was sweating. It was 86* yesterday and HOT HOT HOT! And so..... I said....."OH MY GOODNESS I am boiling! IT IS TOO HOT OUT HERE!" I am sooooo sorry. I wish I could take it back. Obviously Mother Nature heard me and said, "HA! She thinks it is too HOT, let me remind her what WINTER feels like!!! She will RUE the day she said she was too HOT!" I am so sorry Mother Nature. What I meant to say was that I was pleasantly warm. I meant to say the balmy weather was just lovely. I meant to say that I absolutely LOVE to feel like I am living in the Bayou. I meant to say that the sun felt wonderful on my skin and I loved how I was able to sweat out any impurities I might be harboring. Dear Mother Nature please don't punish everyone else due to my lack of appreciation for your glorious weather yesterday. The puppies definitely gave me the dirty look ALL day today! Each time I took them outside they all turned and looked at me and said "ARE YOU CRAZY?!?? It is tooooo cold to pee OUTSIDE!" They then ran towards the steps and begged to go back inside. I think several of the puppies pooped inside just for spite!!! I had no desire to see the wind "gently" rippling across our fields of hay because there was no GENTLE to be found. Gale force winds WHIPPED through everything. My hat wouldn't stay on my head. My neighbor's tree was UPROOTED!! Mother Nature, I bow my head to you. I come to you for forgiveness. I was clearly wrong and hope that you can accept my apology and bring back Mr. Sun. I really love him. He is so bright and shiny and makes everything so colorful. The puppies love him too. We miss Mr. Sun. And to all of you that suffered through the blast of winter, I apologize and take full responsibility. I will be sure to think twice before complaining about how hot it is outside......unless it is July....during hay season....when we are bailing hay for hours and hours and are so sweaty that the hay sticks to us and we are walking scarecrows....because right then at that moment...I just might slip and remark on just how hot I am!

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