Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Deer

We have very clever deer that live here at Yesteryear Acres. They live a full and rewarding life, hardly putting any effort into foraging as they find that we fulfill all their needs. We grow apples on the trees which they are so very happy to eat for us. The deer actually stand on their hind legs and stretch as TALL as they can get so they are sure to get every last apple. They certainly wouldn't want to save any for us humans. We can actually hear them crunching on the apples from our backdoor. Pears on the trees - delightful. Sour cherries ....mmmm their favorite. Last year they found our garden to be a paradise for the taking. I think the conversation between the deer went something like this: "Green Beans dear?...Oh no thank you. I ate LOADS of the green beans last night. They were just so tender. I picked them the very second they were ready. I made sure to eat some from every bush. I think tonight I might go for some tomatoes. I saw some that were JUST turning red or on second thought, the eggplant is looking divine this year. I think I might just take one bite out of each and every eggplant so I can have a medley of flavor fill my mouth." Yes, the deer consumed almost everything last year. Tears fell freely each morning as we met more and more complete devastation in our garden. 100+ plants of tomatoes --- eaten. Our snow peas ---eaten. Our cucumbers ---eaten. Our beautiful fresh sweet corn --- eaten. In fact the deer had a clandestine meeting and WAITED until the sweet corn was ONE day away from being ready and cleaned us out stalks and all. They even ate our popcorn! WELL DEER....this year WILL be different! Today Mr. Yesteryear Acres began the painstaking task of "THE DEER FREE ZONE". Fence posts were driven into the ground today. One after the other after the other. Two full acres of garden area is now surrounded by ........ELECTRIC FENCING! Yes, dear deer, you shall NOT eat our sweet corn. You shall not make a big tossed salad from our spinach, baby lettuce leaves, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Mr. Yesteryear Acres is working very hard to get our garden under TOP SECURITY. The perimeter shall be secure!!!! So this year, I will enjoy my many vegetables. I will eat my tossed salad, and sweet corn and popcorn. I will enjoy my very favorite summer sandwich of squishy white bread, miracle whip and red ripe tomatoes. Ha ha!
psssssst......Hey Deer - just so there are no hard feelings.....I think the neighbors down the road have a big garden....and no fence! I wouldn't want you to go hungry!! :)

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