Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home Again

The moving mobile left Annapolis early this morning with no room to spare. We had every crevice loaded with our daughter's USNA gear. Even though we were fully prepared for the massive mountain of belongings, we were still duly impressed with the sheer quantity that has been accumulated since I-Day 2008. Sadly we left so early we didn't have time to make coffee! ACK! The first leg of the drive was seriously lacking conversation and admittedly smiles on my part. I just neeeeed that morning cup of happiness to get going. Mr. Yesteryear Acres was just as sad as I was without our Cup O Joe. We ended up stopping at the halfway mark to get our much needed caffeine fix. The rest of the drive was absolutely much more joyous on both our parts. We planned out what we need to do for the summer and made a list of everything that needs to be accomplished. It was really good to get everything down on paper and we feel much more organized and ready to tackle all the tasks that lie ahead. I think everyone needs a good planning day now and then. Our summer will be more than busy but if we can even get half of the things done on our list it will be an awesome summer and we will feel quite accomplished. When we pulled into our driveway we were excitedly greeted by our kids and doggies and puppies. The house was spotless. Not a dish in the sink, the dishwasher emptied, the laundry mountain was neatly folded and put away. All the puppies and doggies had been fed and watered and their tails were wagging with happiness. If I had a doggie tail right then - it would have been wagging too! What a nice welcome home!! The kids did an awesome job and I am soooo lucky to have such reliable, thoughtful and most loving help at home. I am ready to start the new week and begin crossing things off the ole list. First up...Puppy Pictures! I can't wait to share how much they have grown! They are big butterballs and are so cute. I am sure I have several families eagerly awaiting the new pictures and I am looking forward to getting the website up-to-date with all new photos. I am also looking forward to my morning cup of cheer. Mr. Yesteryear Acres always makes the very best coffee and I missed it all weekend! I am thinking Mahogany Beans will be just the perfect way to start the day.

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