Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Thankfulness Day buddies

My list of things to buy at the grocery store was a mile long today.  I have been adding to the list daily for over 2 weeks and we were just about out of everything.  My daughter has been asking every day whether I have made it to the store yet, and my answer has been, "no, nope, not yet, nada and zilch."  When she arrived home from school today and heard my reply, she offered to go with me to the store. She said it would make the grocery run a lot more fun and we could shop together. How nice! I eagerly took her up on her offer.  We headed off to the store this evening after the puppies had their dinner.  I love shopping with my daughter.  She is always upbeat and pleasant and makes even the most mundane trips to the grocery store so much fun. I happily started crossing everything off the list as we went up and down all the aisles.  We managed to pick up a few extra goodies as any good shopping buddies should. We decided that we would make puppy chow this weekend so we got our rice chex to make sure we are all set for that.  When we were going down the cookie aisle, with absolutely NO provocation, a bag of Pepperidge Farm Brussels Cookies threw itself into our cart.  We tried to reason with the bag of cookies, but it just refused to listen.  We had no choice but to bring the bag home with us.  The cookies were that adamant.  They really must have wanted to come along because I am fairly certain the cookies were responsible for keeping all the groceries from falling out the back when we pulled in the driveway.  Such good little cookies!!!!  So today I am ever so thankful of shopping with my shopping buddy!  No matter what errand we end up running - it is always fun when we do it together. I am so lucky that my family likes to accompany me. The trip to the store today was really enjoyable.  I am grateful to have a daughter who likes to go shopping with me.  I am grateful to have grocery stores near my home stocked full of all the yummy things we need.  I am particularly grateful for the cookies who found their way to my house. My daughter and I found you to be especially delicious tonight!!!!!

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