Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November Thankfulness Day 16.....5 happy senses

Have you ever stopped to think how lucky you are to have all five senses?  I mean we wake up each day and go about our normal day-to-day routine but do we really take time to stop and be grateful for our sense of touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing? I know how easy it is to go through your day without giving it a second thought so today, I thought I would take time to appreciate the gift of our senses. It all seems quite obvious - but really - each sense brings us an amazing array of experiences, memories and happinesses. Our sense of touch allows us to appreciate soft silky sheets at night. Makes a sweet soft puppy so fun to pet and snuggle. Brings warmth and security when the arms of the ones we love are hugging us.  We know what soft is. We know what it feels like to run our fingers through our children's hair. We can feel the warmth of the sun's rays beaming down on us and brightening our day. Cold snowflakes falling from the sky fill our hands and faces and allow us to smile at the winter wonderland. The sense of touch is the sense of love.  Hugs, puppies, children, blankets, pajamas, kisses - all made more wonderful with just one touch.  Just as wonderful is the sense of smell. Just the mere mention of fresh baked bread coming out of the oven is enough to put a smile on anyone's face. Chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving Turkey with all the fixings, fresh popped popcorn...all mouthwatering smells guaranteed to bring happy thoughts. The seasons all have their own smell. Fresh cut hay smells so good it fills the entire pasture side with its wonderful aroma. Crisp fall leaves and apples make autumn especially enjoyable. The new flowers of spring bring their own happy fragrances to the air. Even winter smells good. Wood stoves burning and hot chocolate with marshmallows simmering on the stove brings instant smiles and happy memories.  Some smells are so strong that the second you get a small whiff - you instantly remember where you were the last time you smelled it.  They are like jolts of remembrances, throwing you back in time with just one small scent. Others are more subtle, like the way your child's pillow smells - instantly reminding you of when they used to sleep on it every night. The sweet smell of love lingers long after the pillow is bare. The sense of smell is directly linked to treasured memories deep in your brain. Some smells you want to keep and cherish in the recesses of your thoughts forever. The sense of taste is always an easy one to be thankful for.  Each day we are reminded of all the delicious flavors the world has to offer.  The list of wonderful things to taste and eat and enjoy is endless.  My favorites have always been fresh red ripe tomatoes from my garden, fresh picked strawberries and raspberries, my special world famous popcorn, fresh squeezed orange juice and of course my loyal companions - ice cream, candy and chocolate. One bite of a delicious chocolate toffee piece of candy brings nothing but pure happiness. Mmmmm.  I mean it can brighten your day instantly! Our sense of sight and sense of hearing are often appreciated.  Each day there are a number of vivid reminders as to the wonderfulness of sight and sound. Watching the sunset over a green pasture. Listening to your favorite song on the radio. Seeing shooting stars rocket across the night sky. Answering your phone to talk to someone you love. Looking into your loved one's eyes. Hearing your child laugh. Seeing the person you love smile. Watching a movie and laughing when you hear all the funny lines and crying at all the touching moments. Reading and driving and talking and singing and watching and listening - we do it all the time.  We wake up with our 5 senses each and every day and our senses help us to become thankful grateful beings with a zest for living and an appreciation for all life's wonders.

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