Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Thankfulness Day 20......optimistic happy people

Today I give thanks to all the happy shiny optimistic people out there. A thoughtful upbeat outlook on life makes the world a better place to live. I am always thankful whenever I meet a smiley happy person and I in turn, do my best to be as thoughtful and as happy. The times when I am most grateful are those times when most people would complain.  When most people would grumble and moan and make an already unbearable situation even worse. People that can keep their chin up when the world says to throw in the towel are my favorite people of all. I think they are the glue that holds everything together. We can all be thankful for people like that. There are so many situations that instead of being irritated, you could instead - choose a little bit of cheer. For example, during the Christmas Shopping season, if you are running out at O'Dark-Thirty to get the deal of a century on an item in high demand.....THERE WILL BE A LINE.  There will be a LONG line.  There will be a LONG LINE that probably wraps around the building. Please Dear Shoppers, leave your grumpiness behind.  Complaining about how long the line is - does NOT make the line miraculously go faster. It does not lessen the number of people in line. It does not make waiting in line more pleasurable.  We are all keenly aware of how long the line is and do not need a repetitive reminder of how long you have been standing in line. Those of us who look on the bright side have already accepted the long line and are now looking at ways to pass the time and maybe, just maybe, have a little fun.  In the past I have brought handheld movies with me in line and have asked people to join me in watching a funny show.  Sometimes the people in line will make waiting so much fun, it is time to check out before you know it.  The Christmas Spirit has already entered their souls and they just accept that waiting in line is part of the holiday experience. I love those kind of people. I love the kind of people that when the windchill is 20 below you never hear how cold they are.  If it is 110* in the shade, no complaints on the sweltering heat fill the air. I mean when it is that hot - it is OBVIOUS that EVERYONE is hot.  No amount of complaining will make the sun disappear. Life rarely goes on as planned. There will be a lot of bumps and curves along the way.  Sometimes the best plans get cancelled. Sometimes hopes and dreams are crushed. It is what you make of the crumbs that really matter.  I have had some of the most AWESOME Plan B ideas come into play. In the end - sometimes our Plan B - is even better than the original plan!  You just never know. I recently watched the news coverage concerning the cruise ship that lost power and was stuck out at sea.  There were a lot of really unhappy people.  Now granted - that is NO one's idea of a great vacation - but honestly - it is what it is - so you might as well make the best of it.  One person said she got to read all her books out in the fresh open sea air, didn't have to clean, didn't have to cook, didn't have to answer her phone, got plenty of time to catch a nap here and there and came off the ship well rested AND she gets another free vacation.  I love that. I hope that would be me if I were in a similar situation. Life is a journey.  I think all the optimistic happy people out there try to enjoy the ride - no matter how many bumps they encounter along the way. So for all of you who say your glass is half-full - I thank you. If you are out shopping this holiday season, look for me.....I will be saving your place in line!

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