Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Thankfulness Day 9......PICK ME!

I love Trivia.  I love it. If there is a chance of a trivia contest ANY where happening - you can be sure that I will be there. I will be easy to spot too.  I will be the one jumping up and down with my hand raised in the air and a BIG goofy smile on my face saying, "Oooh! Pick Me! Pick me!!!"  I take pride in the fact that my brain is filled with useless facts and figures that at best might allow me to win a fabulous plastic gold trophy. And of course being a trivia nut, I will display my plastic gold trophy on my mantel with pride.  The best award I ever received from winning a trivia contest was a jet ski ride! My sister and I played a game of "Name that Tune" against a group of French people, who played the entire game in french, and amazingly we won.  Well maybe not amazingly, as my sister has to be just about the best "Name That Tune" player of all time, but it was pretty darn impressive because some of the tunes were obscure french songs we had never heard of.  The jet ski ride was fantastic and we laughed with joy for the entire ride. My best trivia categories are entertainment and movies. My worst category is sports.  You definitely do not want me as your partner in a game of sports trivia.  I might be able to pull off a who won the Super Bowl question but if it has anything to do with golf, or wresting, or soccer or baseball etc.  I will undoubtedly have a sad blank expression on my face with NO chance of me coming even close to the correct answer. Ask me about who starred in which movie or who was the director and I am your person!!!  I am quite enthusiastic about it too.  You really don't want to stand too close to me if I happen to be playing Scene It or if I am on the verge of pulling out an answer from way back in the recesses of my mind.  I can hardly restrain my enthusiasm! So today I give thanks for all the little facts I have picked up along my path in life and have stored ever so carefully so that at just the right moment I can yell, "Jonathan Demme was the director!!!!" I am thankful that such little tidbits give me such joy in life. I am also very grateful for all the other trivia nuts that like to play along.  If you happen to be one of the awesome trivia loving people in this world, just remember.....PICK ME!

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