Saturday, November 6, 2010

November Thankfulness Day 6

Everyday over most of our world a breathtaking display of color and wonder is presented to us without fail. It happens twice a day. It happens whether we take the time to appreciate it or whether we are too busy to even notice. Our bright beautiful sun rises every morning and brings with it a calm and peaceful introduction to the start of our day. The green meadows just glisten with the first rays. The mountains, desserts, farmland, and cities all welcome the sun's warm beautiful light. The world comes alive with the brilliance of the sunrise each and every day. And with each evening the sun shares with us a painter's palette of colors to warm our hearts long into the night. The indescribable beauty that can be found in each sunset is often overlooked. We go about our busy days without much thought about the sun rising and setting. It is something easily taken for granted. How many times each week do you stop what you are doing just to go sit and admire the setting of the sun? How many times each week do you arise just to see the sunrise and bask in the warm rising glow? Can you imagine how lovely it would be if no matter where you were or what you were doing, each person on our planet would stop to appreciate the sun setting? To just sit for 15 minutes and be completely grateful for such a wonderful artistic display of nature's colors and beauty. If every sunset was applauded and every sunrise admired, I think the world might just be a nicer place. Today I am thankful for all our sunrises and all our sunsets. I am thankful for the beautiful deep red sunsets that can fill the sky for miles and miles as well as the subtle sunsets that quietly slip into the horizon. I am thankful for our rising sun and all the goodness it brings.  Today I got to see an amazing sunset that filled my eyes with so much beauty, I could barely hold all the magnificence inside of my heart. So thank you Mr Sun for all the times you woke up the world and for each time you said goodnight. Your goodnight this evening was especially spectacular.                   

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