Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let the Christmas Shopping Begin

Here at Yesteryear Acres the official start to the Christmas shopping season has begun. All weekend I have been hitting the big sales both online and at the stores. This morning my girls and I were out the door early armed with early bird coupons and Christmas lists. We left the boys at home to fend for themselves. Their contribution to the Christmas shopping is to care for all the puppies and doggies. They make sure everyone at home is well cared for and they always keep the home fires burning. It is so nice to not have to worry about rushing home to check on the puppies, especially when the shopping lines are so long. We ended up getting some really great deals today and we were super lucky to have a couple of very nice cashiers. I love it when the cashiers are friendly and full of the Christmas spirit. It makes the long day so much nicer. I think we ended up walking/standing for 7 straight hours. I would classify that as major shopping power! My sister and nephew arrived from Vermont in time to join us for the shopping marathon. I haven't seen her since this summer so I was super excited to see her. My mom joined us as well so we didn't even notice the long lines. We had lots to catch up on and talked and laughed our way through every store. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday so we are planning on more girl time all day long. I am soooo excited for her to open her birthday present. She really wants what we are giving her and I know she will jump up and down with a huge smile on her face when she sees it. The best part is that she is probably reading this blog right now and is wondering what wonderful awesome terrific amazing birthday present is awaiting her. The blog will only add to her curiosity. It will only add to her anticipation. I think I shall ease her building excitement.....Dear Mom, we are getting you.......a.......BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!!!!!! Wow. You feel better already. I am such a good daughter giving you such a huge hint on the evening before your big birthday. You are welcome. Oh more thing.....I know you can not wait!!!!!! Happy Day before your birthday!!!! See you tomorrow!

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