Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Thankfulness Day Four

What comes to mind when you think of the best inventions ever? Is it the telephone? Electricity? Medical advancements? The wheel? What comes to my mind is......the DVR. Ahhhhh the DVR has to be just about the greatest invention of all times.  You can schedule it to record your very favorite show EVEN when you are not home. You can ask it to record every single episode of your favorite series. Remember way back in the day when the whole world waited to find out "Who shot JR" on Dallas? I mean it was mandatory that you be right in front of the TV precisely ON time to find out that answer. No one could be sick. No one could call you on the phone during that hour. No one could possibly need something from the grocery store or stuck in traffic or have a meeting or any other interfering plan because on THAT night the world would finally have its answer.  There were no repeats. No late night airings.  Nope. You had to be there or be square. Now we can schedule our DVRs to record our shows and watch them at our leisure.  Even better - we can hit the pause button.    
Yes that little tiny button with the two little vertical lines has the power to bring peace throughout the land. Before the pause button, the potential for tension filled moments ran very high.  Take the talkative family member who feels compelled to comment on each scene.  Before the pause button, it is very likely that evil thoughts entered your mind whilst the family member rambled on about how that reminded him of when he was a boy blah blah blah. You might even want that family member to go back to his childhood! Now you can hit pause and pretend to listen to his reminiscing and when he is through, hit play, and voilĂ ! You haven't missed a thing! If the call of nature beckons...once again the pause button can save you from squirming uncomfortably. One quick press of the button and all is well. The DVR makes it so you can love your interruptions, or more precisely - those who interrupt just a little bit more. It makes being stuck at work just a little more tolerable. It makes life just a little bit less stressful because you know that whenever you do have time to finally sit down...Jeff Probst will be there waiting for you and you won't miss one second of "Who gets voted out tonight!" So thank you my dear DVR. I am grateful for all the episodes you have kept waiting for me. I am grateful for your pause button, your play button and your fast forward button. I am thankful for your constant vigilance in recording all my favorite shows. You are a dear and reliable friend and I am grateful for your presence in my happy home.

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