Sunday, November 21, 2010

November Thankfulness Day 21.....Now that is the ultimate

Today both my girls participated in hardcore sporting activities.  They were pushed to the limit and they both rose to the challenge.  My younger daughter got up early this morning and was at our local YMCA pool before 7am.  She signed up to participate in the "Swim-a-Thon".  Despite a pulled muscle in her back, she ended up swimming 204 lengths of the pool today for her club swim team.  That is the equivalent of swimming 3.2 miles... That is the equivalent of swimming a 5K race... That is the equivalent of swimming a longer distance than I would choose to walk. That is a lot of swimming!  She only had a short break before she had to head back to the pool for her 2 hour high school swim team practice.  I think today she spent more time IN the pool than out of the pool. Unbeknownst to most people, my younger daughter is actually a mermaid - so today's swim filled schedule was perfect for her.  I think I will have to prepare a very carb-filled meal for dinner tonight.  She probably burned more calories than she can consume in a week.  My older daughter also participated in an extreme sport.  She completed the TOUGH MUDDER competition that was held today in New Jersey. It is the most grueling ultimate test of strength, endurance, mental grit and stamina. The obstacle course is over 12 miles long and includes running through fire, rope swings, underwater tunnels, tank traps, wall climbs, a mud mile - there are 19 obstacles in all.  It is the ultimate obstacle course and it takes everything to finish. My daughter excitedly called me this afternoon to let me know that she finished the entire course. Pictures are supposed to be posted tomorrow. I am sure you have guessed that I will be one of the first people to log onto to see if I can find her in the crowd.  I will post any pictures I find in my blog.  They should be awesome!  So today, I am thankful that my girls accomplished their goals.  I am thankful that they go beyond their comfort zone and reach for the stars. I am thankful that they are tough enough to endure whatever lies before them. I am sooo proud of them and am thankful to have two amazing daughters.  But most of all..... I am thankful that I didn't have to swim 3.2 miles, swim another 2 hours, run through 4 foot high flames of fire, trek through a mile of mud, dangle from high ropes or any of the other obstacles of the day! I am thankful that I got to wear my comfortable clothes, in my comfortable house, and play with my puppies. To me - that is the ultimate day.

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