Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Day of Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Thanks to our local school system - the Monday after Thanksgiving is always a day off of school. I consider it a very nice gift because Thanksgiving weekend is always hectic.  My mom's birthday, out of town guests, cooking, cleaning, puppy work, puppy visits, airport runs - all makes for a busy weekend.  Today was a nice day to catch up.  My younger daughter caught up on her sleep.  She didn't get up until it was almost lunch time.  My son caught up on his love of hunting and was out the door by 7am this morning.  My husband caught up on some farm work and also got to accompany my son and go hunting.  I got caught up on...dishes, laundry, computer work, emails, website updates, puppy pictures and paperwork.  Hmmmmm. I think maybe I should have caught up on my sleep, or on watching movies or reading a book.  Man.  One day I am going to use my day "off" to take a day off!  My first clue that my day "off" wasn't going to be spent catching up on the movies I have been missing was the impressive array of dishes awaiting me this morning. Evidently, some people who live here, FORGOT how to load the dishwasher while I was gone yesterday.  Well technically they remembered how to load the dishwasher but *GASP* the dishwasher was FULL of clean dishes.  Someone would have to EMPTY the dishwasher first.  Oh dear me.  That would be an awful! I am soooo glad that the dishes instead got piled into the sink and didn't even get rinsed and then sat there for the weekend so that I couldn't see the sink this morning and then making it impossible for me to start my day without a scrub brush in hand so I could immediately start washing dishes first thing this morning.  And yes, you could say that I am so lucky to have such wonderful family members to clean up after.  You could say how blessed I am that I have family to share my meals with and to use my dishes. You could even say that I am lucky to have delicious food to put on my dishes that then need to be cleaned. BUT at 7am, when there is no coffee and no way to get to the sink without washing the pile of dishes.........You could say - WHY DIDN'T THEY USE PAPER PLATES?  UGH!  As soon as I finished the dishes and then took the dish rags to the laundry room....again.....I could clearly see that laundry washing could never happen in my absence either.  I didn't realize that one son could wear 564 items of clothing in one weekend, but evidently, he can. The laundry led to the cleaning which led to the paperwork which led to the computer work, etc.  You can see how the day went. I was actually planning on watching movies with my daughter right after all the work but then the sun was shining and the weather was actually a lot warmer than it has been so it was more important to play with the puppies and take new pictures.  We did that for a couple of hours this afternoon and the puppies had a blast.  Tomorrow I will get all the new pictures posted to the website. The highlight of my day was when a very sweet family came to pick up their puppy that we kept over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  He is a great pup and I was so excited that he got to go to his awesome new family today.  AND I have to say, she brought me a PIE!  A PECAN PIE!  A HOMEMADE PECAN PIE! mmmmmmmmm!  I am still smiling about the pie.  I did manage to get a small tasting in earlier this afternoon. It was heavenly! We are having it for dessert tonight and I can't wait. Hopefully we will all be caught up by dinner time and will have a little bit of free time to relax.  Tomorrow is back to school for the kids and for me - back to work.  I mean I DID have the day off today. Ha ha ha.  Oh well.... I can hear the pie calling me!  Life is good!

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