Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November Thankfulness....Twas the night before Thanksgiving

Today I am ever so thankful for....THANKSGIVING!  I love Thanksgiving.  I  love the feast. I love smelling the big ole turkey slowly cooking in the oven all day long.  I love love love Turkey and Thanksgiving dinner has to be my ultimate favorite dinner of the entire year.  I love stuffing. I can literally eat an entire plateful of stuffing.  And I am definitely talking about stuffing, not dressing.  I want the stuffing from deep inside the bird all drenched in gravy. Speaking of gravy, I love the "gravy" at the bottom of the turkey pan.  All those natural juices. mmmmmm. I could drink it out of a bowl!  I love potatoes and cranberry salad and corn and peas and bread and more potatoes.  I love Thanksgiving desserts.  Pumpkin pie and pecan pie and homemade whipped cream.  I mean it is just the mecca of all eating goodness! I am so grateful for the dinner, for the holiday, for the family gathered around the table to share in the blessings of the season.  The whole day just fills me with happiness.  Today my daughter and I were busy preparing some of the feast for tomorrow.  Thanksgiving is at my house this year so there is much baking to be done!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son worked super hard doing all the farm work and helped with the cleaning so my daughter and I were lucky to have extra time to bake. Today I got the slow cooked caramelized onions done for tomorrow's stuffing preparation. My daughter made a double batch of homemade rolls that I am sure, will have some missing, before tomorrow's dinner. In addition to the rolls I am making potato bread, honey oatmeal bread and old-fashioned white bread.  I made the cream cheese filling for tomorrow morning's coffee cake and my pumpkin log is just about finished.  I have it cooling on the counter right now and I just have to get the filling inside and roll it back up.  That is always a huge hit.  mmmmm Pumpkin Log.  My daughter and I also got all the good dishes washed and ready, napkins out, silverware ready, tables, chairs, tablecloths, big roasting pans all set for tomorrow's feast of feasts.  Later this evening my older daughter comes home from the Naval Academy which makes my holiday complete. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and be filled with Thanksgiving Happiness!  My schedule is all set and I will be baking and cooking and getting everything just right for our celebration.  I can hardly wait until the smell of roasted turkey fills the air! I hope that everyone has the happiest of holidays, has time to share the joy of Thanksgiving with loved ones, and most of all, I hope we all take the time to remember and share our thanks for all of life's blessings.
Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the land, families started is blessedly grand. Enjoy!!!!

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