Monday, November 15, 2010

November Thankfulness Day 15.....glad for the end of the day

I have been running at full steam ahead for days now.  I am getting up super early, working non-stop all day long, and then going to bed WAY after my bedtime. I haven't even had a decent lunch in over a week.  Lunch time comes and goes and the next thing I know, I have missed it once again. I think it might be like this until January.  November and December are always busy times of the year. There is shopping to be done, cookies to be baked, homemade gifts to prepare, holiday decorating to be finished, and Santa puppies to take care of. It all adds up to non-stop work.  Today I am glad for the end of the day. I am glad when I can sit down for 5 minutes withOUT guilt and relax.  I am glad for a chance to watch a TV show, have a few laughs, eat a little dessert and unwind.  I am thankful for the stillness the night brings.  When all the dishes are washed. When all the chores for the day are done. When all the puppies are down for the evening. When darkness falls and the busy day slowly comes to an end. I am so thankful when it is time to exchange my work clothes for warm soft pajamas.  I love pajamas.  I mean I REALLY love them.  I love super super comfy soft soft soft pajamas.  If I could, I would wear pajamas all day long every day.  They feel nice. They make the whole world seem softer and more pleasant.  As soon as the pajamas go on, the smile on my face gets a lot brighter.  Pajamas equal happiness. Pajamas mean - yes! You CAN sit down! Yes - you are allowed to take a moment to yourself and relax.  I also think putting on pajamas means yes - you should have a little bowl of ice cream.  I am always thankful for the end of another busy wonderful-filled day. Sometimes it is my favorite part of the day. Nothing particularly special or exciting happens.  Nothing magnificent or awe inspiring.  Just a blissful peace that fills the air as darkness falls. I just love that.

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