Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Thankfulness ...Day Two

Today I am thankful for the wonderful world wide web. The Internet is amazing!! Remember way back in the day when you had to go to the library and pull out the card catalogue drawers to find the answer to something??? If someone asked a question that you did not have the answer for, you had to wait and research the question. There was no easy short cut to find the answers. If you wondered which actor was in a certain episode of a show you were watching right at that moment... how would you ever know? There was no instant access to a wealth of knowledge. There was no instant email where you could write and send a letter in seconds. Granted the US Postal service is a far cry from the days of the pony express but still sending an instant letter via the internet beats the good ole postage stamp system any day. Friends are closer. Family is closer. Pictures can be shared. Stories can be told. The world is smaller. Adventures can be planned, information found and keeping in touch is as easy as clicking send. It is easy to take the extraordinary advances of the Internet age for granted. We log on. We log off. Today I am grateful for all the times I logged on and chatted, emailed, surfed, laughed, cried, played games, researched, listened to music, and shared my world with the worlds of those I care about most. I will post todays's blog with a thankful heart. Thank you World Wide Web!

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