Sunday, November 28, 2010


So the big secret is that this afternoon there was a huge surprise birthday party for my mom.  Everyone knew about it and it has been planned for months. Today is my mom's 65th birthday and this morning she called me to invite me to a brunch. My sister who flew in from Vermont yesterday, was taking my mom to "birthday brunch" and they invited me to join them. Of course I gave her a huge speech about there was no way I could come because I was too busy and it took everything I had not to crack up laughing.  My mom was super sad I couldn't go and my sister sounded totally disappointed.  It was great.  Meanwhile, I was already half-way there because I had to leave early this morning to take my older daughter to the airport.  She had to report to duty today and couldn't stay for the party.  The only flight I could get, was one that left this morning so sadly, we had to say our good-byes far too early.  *sniff sniff*.  Sometimes I am really good about saying good-bye. I feel okay and I know I will see her again as soon as I can. I just wave good-bye with a big smile on my face and deep inside, I feel like I am alright. Sometimes even though I know I will see her again as soon as I can, I just wave good-bye with a big smile on my face and deep inside, I feel like I am going to fall apart. Outwardly, I look exactly the same.  I am smiling and waving and telling her how proud she makes me and I say we will see each other SOON and off she goes.  Inwardly, I am crying and sad and missing her already. It is a hard thing to balance. I never want her to go.  I can't want her to stay. *sigh*  Today was one of the inwardly - not so great goodbyes.  I think it is because she had to leave so early, so we just rushed around all morning getting out the door.  I am definitely looking forward to when she comes home for Christmas. So after the sad goodbyes at the airport - my younger daughter and I headed for the surprise party.  We got there in time and everyone stood around the corner in a big banquet type room and waited for the birthday girl.  When she walked into the room - balloons were released into the air and "SURPRISE" filled the air.  We definitely got her! She had nooo idea and the party was a huge success.  It was nice to see so many people wish my mom Happy Birthday.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres wasn't able to join me as he stayed at home with my son to take care of all the puppies.  The puppies can't go all day without love and attention, so Mr. Yesteryear Acres kindly agreed to do all the work for the day so I could go to the party.  Happily, Mr. Yesteryear Acres' parents both came to the party so I got to sit with them. It was nice to have his parents there.  It made the party complete.  The rest of the day was spent with my mom and my sister and nephew and this evening we had another birthday dinner for my mom.  I think I am partied out!  I was gone over 12 straight hours today and my feet are tired. My eyes are tired. My legs are tired. My whole body is tired. I am done celebrating for a while. Tomorrow it is back to my normally scheduled exhausting schedule:  Puppies, Puppies, and More Puppies!  One thing I know for sure - tomorrow will be COMFY clothes day!!!  My high heels and fancy clothes need a break.  They informed me that they were very tired and would like to just "hang" around.  I am going to oblige and give them a rest.  My slippers missed me!

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