Monday, November 22, 2010

November Thankfulness Day 22.....everyone needs cookies and milk!

Remember when you were little and snack time meant a big tall cold glass of milk and a plate of cookies? Do you remember the big smile that immediately filled your face at the mere sight of that powerful duo of happiness?  Mmmmmm coooookies!  I love cookies.  I love them more than just about any other dessert. If I went to the fanciest restaurant on the planet and they had Chocolate Molten Lava cake, New York Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie, Black Forest Cake, Cherries Jubilee or a plate of cookies - I would choose the plate of cookies every time. I love cookies.  Snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, mexican wedding cake cookies, oatmeal cookies, frosted cut-out cookies, molasses cookies, toffee cookies - I love them all. I could eat cookies every day for dessert or snack and I would smile with the same intensity each and every day. I think nothing makes my tummy happier than a homebaked cookie.  There is just SO much love inside every bite.  It is heartwarming to know that happiness is just waiting for you right on a plate.  I love cookies so much that I even love cookies that come from the store.  Who can resist a plate full of Oreos? Fudge Grahams, Chips Ahoy, Pinwheels, Nutter Butters - they are all sooooo yummy! Pepperidge Farm Brussels Cookies are a particular favorite although I can only get them when they are on super sale as they are ridiculously expensive. If I am lucky to have a bag in the house, I will confess to secretly stashing them in the back of the cupboard and then waiting until everyone else is asleep before opening them up.  Having a whole bag of Brussels cookies ALL to yourself, in the late hours of the evening, with a big glass of milk, while watching your favorite TV show, in silence, guaranteed pure bliss. I just happened to find such a bag of cookies on SALE while I was shopping this week.  It is right now waiting for me behind the coconut milk and Thai spices waaaaaaaay in the back of my cupboard.  I believe Mr. Yesteryear Acres looks particularly tired tonight.  I am pretty sure that within 10 minutes of sitting down this evening, he will be OUT cold.  This is when my cookie plan will come into play and I will be happily eating my Brussels cookies while watching last night's episode of the Amazing Race.  I think my plan is foolproof! Just thinking about my evening snack puts a smile on my face.  Cookies are just that powerful.  So thank you dear cookies.  Thank you for being the perfect dessert. Thank you for being the perfect snack. Thank you for filling my tummy up with love and happiness.  I am counting the days until the Christmas spirit is upon us and all those empty Christmas Tins are just begging to be filled with the magic of cookies. And to all those wonderful cookie bakers, if you happen to make too many cookies for the holidays, I happen to know a certain person that would be happy to eat them for you. I might even share.

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