Tuesday, March 1, 2011

12 Straight Hours

This morning I awoke early and went directly upstairs to my dungeon for the day. I was armed with coffee, pen, paper, calculator, glasses and determination. Yes - today was LET'S GET THESE TAXES DONE day. I began the arduous task at 7:30am and didn't emerge from my self imposed exile until 7:30pm this evening. It was a long day. It was a boring day. It was a hungry day as I didn't even stop to eat. It was a day where I needed to find ONE receipt and went through an entire banker's box full of receipts paper by paper by paper by paper until the pile on my lap overflowed onto the floor. And where was the missing and lost receipt? I kid you not - it was the VERY last receipt at the bottom of the box. I suppose the only thing worse than going through every receipt for an entire calendar year and finding the one receipt you need at the very bottom is going through every receipt for a calendar year and NOT finding the one you need at the very bottom! I am glad I found it.  Even though I clearly could do a MUCH MUCH MUCH better job of organizing my files, I actually did better this year on keeping what I needed together.  I had itemized piles and for once I found every single thing I was looking for. It was a good feeling. I am pretty much done with all my taxes and I feel ever so proud of myself. First thing tomorrow morning, Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I will go through every single item and triple check everything for accuracy. Then I can send it all off to the IRS and be DONE!!! YEA! After that, I need to spend the rest of the day updating all the college financial aid stuff. Once I finish that.....I say that I deserve a GOLD medal! Or maybe two gold medals!  I need a reward! I need a party! I am thinking that perhaps on Friday afternoon - a Double Feature movie watching marathon might be in order.  Popcorn, cold drinks, feet propped up, puppy on the lap, smile on the face, movie watching luxury happiness! Yes! That is the ticket! I think I will start planning for it now. Friday = Funday!  Let's make it happen!

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