Monday, May 23, 2011

Back Home Again....with a little help from some M&Ms

My long drive home yesterday was MUCH more enjoyable with a little help from some friends. I like to call them M and M.  My big bag of M&Ms kept me company alllllll the way home.  They were really essential!  I mean I was super sleepy and what in the world could I possibly do to stay awake? Why eat one M&M every minute! A blue one here, a yellow one there, a green thing I know - I was home!  My younger daughter of course helped with the M&M consumption because one should never eat M&Ms and drive alone! You need company to share in the glorious chocolate goodness.  I arrived home just in time to make dinner.  Lucky me. Honestly -I really can't complain. My older daughter filled, and by filled, I mean packed every square inch of my gigantic SUV with her stuff from the Naval Academy.  If you listened closely, you could almost hear the metal creaking as it was literally bursting at the seams. How in the world can one person - who shows up at the Naval Academy gates with nothing more than a toothbrush - amass such an enormous mountain of belongings is beyond me.  The only thing more enjoyable than lugging all her stuff home is unloading the car full of her stuff.....which I left for Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son.  Aren't I thoughtful?  I let them unload the entire car. Box after box after box after box.  I think Mr. Yesteryear Acres favorite part was when he found my daughter's wet and muddy boots from Sea Trials.  They were shoved in a bag completely covered in wet soupy stinky mud.  Gee thanks sweet daughter of ours.  You made your dad's day.  Now we have to figure out where to store all of this stuff for the summer. I know you are probably thinking that we should store it in her bedroom - but her room is WAY too small for all of her junk. Hmmmm. Looks like it is a project for the weekend.  I am sure Mr. Yesteryear Acres will come up with a good plan and have everything put away nice and tidy ....well everything except the boots!  Those things are NOT coming inside! Dear daughter....your boots will be waiting for you outside. We are happy to bring them back at the end of the summer along with the rest of your things. Until then, they will keep the back yard company. Love us.

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