Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Epic Potato Failure

I have been cooking for as long as I can remember.  I was quite the accomplished maker of Macaroni and Cheese by the time I was 8.  That little blue box and I were best friends and my little sister and I had our fill of mac and cheese growing up. From there I grew as a cook and my skills increased with each passing year.  I entered contests at fairs and won ribbons and I make it a point to create really delicious meals for my family every evening. I love to cook and you can pretty much count on having something delectable at our house any given day of the week. Just the other day, I made twice-baked potatoes.  I make really good twice-baked potatoes.  My family is always REALLY excited whenever I make twice-baked potatoes.  It is one of those things you can count on to be really yummy. Well evidently....there was yet another potato conspiracy at my house. Last year the potatoes conspired to give me a wicked wound under my fingernail.  I know. I know. Injury by potato - unheard of, but yet I was a potato victim.  Well here I am again - another victim of a potato conspiracy. When I opened my oven to remove my perfectly baked potatoes.......
This is what I found
Two of my baked potatoes EXPLODED.  They decided they did NOT want to be baked again. Once was enough.  Before you ask me if I poked the potatoes before I baked them...YES, Of course I did.  I mean how hard is it to make a baked potato? Why in the world I had 2 potatoes literally explode all over my stove is a mystery.  The potato gunk was everywhere.
 It took a while to clean up the potato confetti and I just had to laugh as I scrubbed the oven walls. I told my daughter, you are never too old to make mistakes. No matter how good you think you are at something, things can go wrong. The only thing you can do, is clean up and try again. And so we did. Happily for us, the rest of the potatoes were willing to be twice-baked and once again....dinner was served. 

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  1. Hello! Would it be okay for me to use this baked potato image in a youtube video? I'm doing some at home experiments on the subject.


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