Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hey look what we have!!!! KITTENDOODLES!  Evidently this is a very very RARE species and only we here at Yesteryear Acres are able to have such rare and beautiful creatures. We found these kittendoodles out by our barn. They were left here by someone who knows that we are a bunch of SOFTIES and will take good care of the precious kittendoodles until they find a new home.
Here is "Milo" kittydoodle
And this is "Fluffy" Kittydoodle
I mean honestly!  They are like calendar kittens!
I hope we find homes for them REALLY SOON because they are quickly turning into.......
"CAN WE PLEASE KEEP THEM?" Kittendoodles
And before you know it....
I will turn around and my bathtub will look like this!
KittenDoodles anyone?

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