Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Watch Me Grow

Today was picture day! The puppies were all really good about getting their pictures taken despite the fact our yard is incredibly soupy and swampy.  We had horrible storms hit us last night. It was raining so hard that it actually looked like waterfalls were falling from the sky. I honestly can’t remember a wetter spring – ever. I think we might be giving some of the wettest places on earth a run for their money. If we ever by chance get to see the sun – we run outside just to get a glimpse of the bright foreign object in the sky. Even though we didn’t get to see the sun again today – I managed to get some great pictures of our puppies. They change so much from week to week it is really fun to watch them grow. Here is our little black collar girl from Trixie’s double doodle litter.  See how much she has grown?
First her little eyes are closed and her little ears are closed.  She can’t see or hear but she knows just how to find her mommy.

Then her little eyes open and the whole world is out there for her to discover.

Shortly after she can see, she can start to hear. This is when it is really fun to discover that she can bark and we can hear her bark and she can hear herself bark. She can talk!!!!

Once she is big enough to eat solid foods – she really starts to grow.

And grow
And soon it will be time for her to meet her new family!

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