Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Picture Tuesday!

Yea!  I was able to get the pictures done today!  Hurray!  I feel better just getting that accomplished. I am slowly making it back towards the land of the living.  I am not moving swiftly, but I am moving, which is a big improvement. The puppies were very cooperative with their photo session and took some really cute pictures.  The sun even came out to join us!
Warm Dry Grass....Heavenly! 

Do you think I look like a pillow?

Why yes I do....and you are so comfy!

Lilacs are my favorite!

The sunshine feels SO good!

I could stay out here allllllll day long

Tomorrow is supposed to be another sunny day! We might set the all time record of TWO solid days without rain! I hope so.  A little more time outside soaking up the sun is just what the Doctor ordered!

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