Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3 Dog Night.....and a cat!

 Oh my gosh - I was SOOOOO cold last night!  I woke up at 3am freezing and had to go look for my blanket.  I decided to make a cocoon out of my blanket, doggies and the cat just to stay warm. When I woke up this morning, all the doggies had made little tunnels in my blanket and only had their noses sticking out. Even the cat was covered up.  What IS this weather? November? Honestly! I checked the calendar, I looked outside and it IS May but man - this is just not right.  Of course it rained non-stop all day today.  I went through 2 pairs of pants today taking the puppies in and out to go to the bathroom. I was just soaked despite the fact I was wearing my ever so stylish "Gorton's Fisherman" yellow rainsuit. Tomorrow I think I will just buy a kayak to take the pups out.  I feel so bad that I can't get any decent photos of our cute puppies! It is just miserable outside. I heard a rumor that Thursday something called "The Sun" will make an appearance.  I hope so!!!  I will be the biggest fan! Our little chocolate doodle puppies go home this weekend so today I put together their take home care packages. Every little puppy gets a bag with a baby blanket and new collar and puppy food etc.  I got that all done so I am actually ahead of schedule! Amazing! I also started trimming my doggie's coat and he is looking marvelous.  I hope to finish his coat tomorrow and start my daughter's dog then as well. Who knows - I might be SO far ahead of schedule, I could go fishing.....in my backyard! LOL.  Tonight I will be prepared for the cold. Blankets are on the bed and the doggies are ready to keep me warm. Looks like another snuggle night!

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