Sunday, May 22, 2011

Complete Contrast

In complete and total contrast to yesterday's posting of Mud, Sweat and Tears - today is all bright and shiny.  Last night the Naval Academy held its "Ring Dance" ball. The Ring Dance is a significant and momentous occasion for rising firsties (soon to be seniors) where they dip their United States Naval Academy Ring into the waters from the seven seas.  After the ceremony, they are then allowed to wear their class rings.  It is the end of their 2C year and marks the beginning of their very last year at the Academy. My younger daughter was asked to accompany one of the midshipman at the Academy so she got to go as well. It is a formal affair and I was lucky enough to be there to take a few pictures.
My older daughter and her date:
My younger daughter and her date:
All together

My daughter's roommate joined in the fun
Me and my 2 girls:
My Midmom Friends.  We make up the "31st" company at the Naval Academy :)  Well at least we think we do!
Then it was time for my daughter to get into regulation dress for the big dance
The Ring Ceremony:
The dipping of the ring:
The official wearing of the ring

Up daughter goes off to Quantico for an entire month to train with the marines. I guess it is time to go Back to the Mud!!!!!

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