Friday, May 27, 2011

Out of Everything

Oh noooooo!  We are out of just about everything!  We have less than 1/4 gallon of milk - which in our house doesn't even constitute an entire serving.  We have no eggs.  We have no bread. We have no orange juice. We need paper towels and toilet paper. We need a major run to the warehouse club. I would be just the best wife ever if I got into the car and drove to the warehouse club and loaded up our SUV with all the essentials. I would be the very best mommy if I crossed each item off the list as I put them into the cart and brought them home for my family. I would be just the very best friend if I were to do that wouldn't I? BUT....... maybe just maybe, I bribed my son to go with his dad to do the shopping this evening.  My son has the biggest weakness for fast food.  Honestly - he would do anything for a hamburger.  We never go out to eat. He is constantly SO disappointed that once again, his thoughtless mommy didn't go buy fast food for dinner but instead prepared a nice home cooked meal. He asks at least once a week if we can have take-out - and the answer is always no. It isn't that he doesn't like my cooking - because he really loves it - it is just that fast food is such a rare occurrence that he craves what he cannot have. Our warehouse club has a small cafe inside where you can get a huge horribly fattening meal for very little money.  A gigantic soda that would quench the thirst of like 10 people is less than $1.00. Pizza is less than $1.00. It is a fast food heaven of economic goodness. So maybe I offered to let my son eat at the fast food cafe exchange for a cart full of much needed items.  He eagerly agreed. So now I just have to work on Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  If all goes according to plan...they would be able to leave here just in time for my daughter and I to finally watch the entire recorded finale of American Idol before they returned from the store.  Very sneaky right? The club closes in less than 2 hours. I have my work cut out for me.  Here is hoping for a successful run to the the boys!

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