Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beauty Salon ala Yesteryear Acres

Today was my younger daughter's senior prom.  Our whole day was dedicated to PROM DAY.  First on the agenda was the all important manicure and pedicure. A girl cannot possibly go to the prom without having her fingernails and toenails polished. I started the beauty salon treatment early this morning so my daughter's nails would have plenty of time to dry.  My older daughter decided that since I already had all the nail polish out and since I was already in the mood.....that I should go ahead and paint her toes as well. Of course I obliged.  What girl doesn't like freshly painted nails? I have to say I did an awesome job.  Their nails look ever so professional and they were quite happy with the finished product.  We then had a lovely lunch while the girls waited for their nails to dry.  Next up was hair.  My older daughter had the perfect updo all planned out so she took over the prom preparations. She was in charge of hair and makeup.
She did an awesome job
I love the little braids woven in with all the curls.
All ready for the prom
One last picture before she was out the door with her friends for the big evening's festivities

Of course I will be up all night waiting to see how her evening went.  My older daughter and I have a movie marathon planned for the evening. The theme of this year's prom is "The Way You Look Tonight"...I say Beautiful!

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