Friday, May 13, 2011

Fire Chief

The start of the day was definitely work-filled but the end was awesome.  Late this evening my daughter and I went to watch my son's last track meet of the season.  We got there a bit too early and I was thinking about all the things I still had to do at home but then decided I should just enjoy the moment which was a good move.  My son was really happy we came and it was so much fun to go with my daughter. She made it a point to really cheer for her brother. She cheered with everything she had as he ran the mile.  At the half-mile mark, my son was smiling which was a sight that just warmed my heart.  Here he was running with everything he had, in the blistering heat, and he still had a smile just for his sister who was cheering with everything she had.  She was his inspiration for the day and he ran his best time ever.  I was  just filled with complete contentment to see such love between them.  It just is the best feeling in the whole world to see your children love each other so much.  After the meet, my son came over and was smiling from ear to ear.  He had the best day ever.  The school had a Youth-In-Government Day and my son was appointed Fire Chief.  He had the opportunity to do everything with the fire department from using the fire hoses to climbing the ladders.  I haven't seen him that enthusiastic in a while.  He loved every minute.  He is still talking about it.  I think I have heard, "that was just SO cool" at least 100 times.  The fire department did a great job of showing the kids around and made the day something they will always remember.  My son's favorite part was working the fire hose.  Here he is in full uniform:
He is already talking about going back to visit the Fire Station. He wants to hang out with all the firefighters again. After all ....he IS the Fire Chief!

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