Sunday, May 15, 2011


Today was my older daughter's last day at home. *sigh*  It is harder to say goodbye to her when she is home as opposed to saying goodbye to her when she is at school. Having her here the past few days has felt so good. It is nice to see her in the morning. It is nice to see her at lunch and dinner and at night and all the times in between. It is awesome to see her laugh with her brother and sister and spend some quality time with her dad.  They have done a few special things together and just watching them interact always brings a warmth to my heart.  The whole week has been just perfect with her here. Tonight when I set the table for four - I will feel a bit empty inside.  I know she is off to do amazing things - so I will continue to focus on all the wonderful things in her future. Today was also my younger daughter's senior award program at the high school.  Lots of goodbyes there as well.  You could feel all the emotions in the equal mix of sadness and pride. We were all thinking about how much we were going to miss our children as they head off to college and how proud we were of all they accomplished. It was a really nice program and Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were filled with feeling beyond lucky to have such awesome children. I think tonight we will just take it easy and enjoy being together.  The days of having a full house continue to be numbered. I am thankful for every one.

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