Thursday, May 26, 2011

Matrix Matrix Matrix

Today my younger daughter and I poured through the gigantic course catalogue book for her college classes. We started the arduous task of filling in her 4 year matrix of class choices. I know it sounds quite Type A to be starting this already but her overnight College Orientation is next week and her first semester of classes will be scheduled at that point. She needs to have a concrete plan of what she will be taking for the fall semester.  Her college has several mandatory matrices of classes that must be taken.  She has foundation classes, College of Arts and Sciences classes and then general education requirements along with all her classes within the zoology major.  Some classes satisfy all the requirements across the board and some only fulfill the one section.  We were trying to find the best classes that fulfilled the most categories and ended up making piles upon piles of notes. We spent most of the day doing that with small puppy breaks in between for sanity relief.  I think we have a pretty good grasp on what she will be taking and she is super excited about the class choices.  It was fun to see her so enthusiastic about what she will be learning.  She feels more confident each day and ready to take the leap into college life. We know we will miss each other but the adventures that await will be amazing for her. When we were finally wrapping things up for the evening, we headed outside to tell Mr. Yesteryear Acres that we had done all we could for the day. Right at that moment, a sunbeam broke through the rainy grey clouds and created the most beautiful brilliant rainbow. It actually ended right in our field.  You could see the end of the rainbow right by the pond. My daughter and I just stared at the beautiful colors pouring down into our green field and we both knew......the pot of gold which for us has always held nothing but love.....lives at our home.

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