Monday, May 16, 2011

Why Hello Ridiculously Cold and Rainy Weather!

Um....didn't I JUST say HELLO SUMMER!? Didn't I just sing the praises of a glorious summer day with warm sunbeams and brilliant blue skies?  Wasn't I appreciative enough? Didn't I extol the wonderfulness of warm summer days? What happened?  Why is it cold enough for winter coats outside? Why is it pouring down rain? I think I need to turn the HEAT on as it is FREEZING in the house.  Oh my.  This is just NOT what May is supposed to bring.  May is supposed to bring FLOWERS ...and Sunshine!....and Sunbonnets.... and homemade ice cream, blue skies, warm weather and thoughts of summer! This drizzly cold dreary rainy yucky weather is just too much.  I spent hours trying to get pictures of our puppies today but the lighting in the house isn't bright enough to get good pictures so they all turned out blurry. The puppies are WAY cuter than the pictures I took today. I need to take the photos outdoors but thanks to our lovely weather I would have 3999 pictures of soaking wet cold puppies. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a slight break in the rain so I can get some good photos. If not, I might have to build an ark just to take the pictures! The puppies are all being very good sports about the weather. I think secretly they are enjoying all the mud puddles. Or maybe not so secretly because they all bound out for the messiest, wettest, muddiest puddles out there and splash and splash and splash until they are all a lovely uniform chocolate color. They are probably thinking, "Everyone Loves Chocolate!" Aren't they so thoughtful?

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