Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doodle Ducks

Well we have decided to officially start raising a new breed of doggie.....The Doodle Duck. Doodle Ducks are very sweet puppies.  They love the water. They love the rain. They love that what used to be a backyard is now a swampy lake.  They love to roll around and splash and get completely soaked and full of mud and then happily run into the kitchen and shake all that muddy water right onto the floor.  Jumping right into your lap with soaking wet muddy paws is what Doodle Ducks love the very most.  I have lots of Doodle Duck puppies right now.  In fact, my chocolate doodle ducks love water SO much that all the water and rain outside is not enough for them. Oh no sireee!  My chocolate doodle ducks LOVE a clean pan of water.  It is their favorite thing in the whole world.  ALL of my chocolate doodle ducks completely submerge their heads in the water dish as if they were going snorkeling.  Then they like to walk right through the water and try to get their bellies wet.  I mean it IS raining outside. It IS wet enough for EVERYONE outside but not enough for my sweet chocolate doodle ducks.  They are the wettest sweetest chocolate doodle ducks you will ever meet. They will be sure to give you a VERY wet snuggle hug the second they see you.  They just have so much love to give. Don't you want a wet doodle duck hug of your very own?

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