Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well at least someone loves the mud!

This week the Naval Academy held their Sea Trials for the plebe class.  This is a grueling all day endurance type training for the plebes to signify the end of their first year at the Academy. The plebes are run through different stations from O'Dark- Thirty until the end of the day.  My daughter was in charge of the "Wet and Sandy" station.  Always a big favorite for the plebes (ha ha ha).  The trenches are prepared in advance with barb wire, logs, and lots and lots of mud.
The plebes then have to crawl through the trenches, keeping their rifles up and bodies well below the barbed wire. There are quite a few motivational speeches that occur throughout the day.
Quite a few

Oh yes - and push ups

Here my daughter is pictured on the front page of the Capital Newspaper:
When the day of training is finally over - every one feels a huge sense of relief and accomplishment. 

And with the completion of each training revolution - they are one step closer to graduation
Sea Trials 2011
Thanks to everyone who sent me the pictures of my daughter!
I will forever treasure them!

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