Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am still not sick

In case you were wondering - I am still not sick. Well not officially anyway.  I did eat nothing but soup today. I did cough my head off until I think I may have a cracked rib. I did feel slightly sorry for myself at one point - but I am still not sick. I got all my work done. I got all the puppies taken care of. I helped my daughter study for the dreaded AP exams. I got my son to and from track. I am a shining example of someone who is definitely not sick. Even though I am clearly not sick - I hope tomorrow I am less not sick than I am today.  I have a puppy going home bright and early so I can't sleep in but after that - I think I may take a slight break. I think I might drink a big glass of orange juice and perhaps stay under a blanket for an hour or two. That is not the measure of a sick person - it is just something that for some odd reason sounds appealing to me. It is like an activity!  It is like a planned event!  Yes - I am planning on (not because I am sick mind you but rather because I WANT to) curl up on my couch with a glass of OJ and a blankie and watch a movie.  Yes. That is my plan for tomorrow.  Anyone want to place bets as to whether that actually happens?  It is 9:40pm right now and I haven't stopped all day ....but it could happen tomorrow. Right? Right? I mean anything is possible. Possible....but not probable! I guess we shall see!

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