Friday, May 13, 2011

Why Hello Summer!

I didn’t realize you would be stopping by so soon!  For the past month I have been talking about the non-stop rain. We truly have had what seems to be a solid 40 days and 40 nights of dreary grey rainy stormy days but now…..IT IS SUMMER.  It was 86* today and HOT HOT HOT.  So we celebrated summer!  The puppies had a blast playing outside and we got a big play area full of water for them to splash and have fun in.  They played and played until they were too tired to play any longer.  Then they all came into the kitchen and crashed for a big long happy nap.  While the puppies took their afternoon siesta, my daughter and I headed out to the dock for some much appreciated sunshine.  We made sure we had all the required items for a complete dock experience. Ice Cold Drinks – Check. Popsicles – Check. Cushions and Towels – check. Reading Material – Check. My daughter took a break from all her Chemistry studies and got caught up on some back issues of People Magazine and I got to finish a book. It was awesome. We baked in the sun for almost 2 hours. It got so warm that I ended up jumping in our pond which was quite refreshing.  For dinner tonight we had roasted vegetables from our garden, poached eggs and homemade rolls. Ahhhh – good ole summertime! I didn’t know it would be here so soon but am so happy for the warm sunny summer day!

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