Thursday, May 19, 2011

CHOCOLATE Must Happen!

Okay....WHERE is all the chocolate in the house? And no - I am not talking about chocolate DOODLE Puppies because I KNOW where they are. I am talking about CHOCOLATE.  Good ole delicious satisfying milk chocolate! I can't find any! I just checked my Easter basket and it was EMPTY.  GONE!  No foil wrapped chocolate Easter eggs! No chocolate Easter bunnies!  No chocolate bunny lollipops!  No chocolate caramel eggs! GONE!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres ATE ALL THE CANDY!  ALL of it! Oh my gosh.  Anytime we have chocolate candy it goes like this:

Me....Oh my. I love chocolate so much. I will savor every bite. I will eat only ONE piece a day and make it last forever. I will love my chocolate and save my chocolate and see how long I can keep it with me.  I treasure you my sweet milk chocolate candy.  I love you.

Mr. Yesteryear Acres........OH BOY! CHOCOLATE! nom nom nom nom smork gulp smork nom nom......ALL GONE! Man that was good.

ACK!  How can he eat the candy with so little regard? How can he put multiple pieces in his mouth and consume it with lightening speed?  What is he thinking?  I checked our pantry. No Oreos! No chocolate cookies!  I checked everywhere. WE... ARE... OUT.... OF.... CHOCOLATE!!!!
My son called me from the store this afternoon and asked me if he and his dad could bring anything home. I said, "YES! PLEASE! Bring home some plain M&M's!"  Oh yay. Oh goodie! Chocolate is on the way..........
or is it?
When they walked in the door - they had a bag of PEANUT BUTTER M&Ms.  WHAT THE HECK? I have a 5lb jar of Peanut Butter in my kitchen. I don't need PEANUT BUTTER.  OH my gosh! How can "PLEASE bring home M&M's mean please grab PEANUT BUTTER? *sigh*  It looks like it is time for action. A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do! Clearly - I need to make some Brownies pronto! Chocolate must happen!

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