Friday, April 13, 2012


"RING.....RING......RING"  Yes that was the unpleasant sound of my phone this morning ringing at 5:39am.  The Superintendent of our schools called to let us know that, yes - we did have school. Gee.  Thanks.  The elusive escapee that caused schools to be closed yesterday was caught in some bushes not too far from where we live around 11pm last night.  It made headline news on all the 11pm broadcasts.  Since they caught "the bad guy" naturally I assumed school would no longer be closed. I would think that the members of our community would also have the same assumption... YES Bad guy on the loose = NO school. NO bad guy = YES school.  I told my son that before he went to bed. I also told him that HOPEFULLY they will catch the guy because no one wanted him running around loose.  Evidently his friends were all hoping for one more day of "ALERT ALERT ALERT!" so they could have a 4-day weekend.  Thanks to the diligent efforts of our police force, the bad guy is no longer loose and no one was injured or harmed during his escape and subsequent capture. So this morning when our phone started ringing - of course my son RUNS to the phone assuming it was a call to say, SCHOOL IS CANCELLED, but instead he got SCHOOL IS OPEN. The anticlimactic nature of that phone call cannot be adequately described.
One - We do NOT wake up at 5:39am on school days.  That's just mean.

Two - We do NOT expect phone calls to tell us what we already know. "RING...Why Hello. Today is Friday. You have School." That's just mean.

Three - We do not like to witness (at that hour especially) our boy go from complete joy to complete misery in less than 30 seconds.  That's just mean.

Four - The dogs do NOT know it is 5:39am in the MORNING when the phone rings and people DASH out of bed.  The dogs' only thought is, "YAYAYAYAYAY the humans are UP!  IT IS MORNING TIME! YIPPPEEEEEEE!"  That's just mean.

Five - Getting up at 5:39am when I still have work to do on my taxes means I have to start working at 5:39am.  Again - MEAN!

Six - anyone want to guess my mood today??????

Yes. You are right. Mean. Tomorrow my son has to be at the school at 6:45am for a track meet. If my phone rings at 5:39am to tell me that my son has a track meet.........SO HELP ME!

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