Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Letter "T"

Evidently my blog posts about my diligent devotion to doing the taxes are boring.  My younger daughter let me know that she thinks last week's postings about my being sentenced to exile were NOT exciting.  She likes to read my blog posts so she can see what is going on here at Yesteryear Acres. She misses the doggies.  She misses the puppies.  She wants puppy news, not boring, torturous, yawn-producing posts about taxes. She called me yesterday to let me know that finally - I posted a good blog. She really liked my blog post with all the puppy picture updates.  I told her my favorite part of yesterday's blog post was seeing her smiling face with all the cute puppies.  She said her favorite part was the smiling faces on the puppies.  She loves the CROC loving puppy the most. Well - I am sad to disappoint my daughter - but today's post is devoted to the letter "T".  "T" as in "T"axes. "T" as in "T"orture. "T" as in "T"raumatic. "T" as in "T"OO MUCH WORK and I don't want to do it anymore! Sigh.  I feel I will be "T"rapped up there forever. In my misery "t"oday- there was a bright spot. I received a really awesome email from a puppy family. They included this picture that said,
 "This is how Baxter feels about ... 
taxes... "  
"T"hank you Baxter. I appreciate the love!!!!!

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