Monday, April 16, 2012

Which Alarm is Better?

So in choosing the perfect alarm, one guaranteed to get you up at the crack of dawn....which scenario is better?
Scenario Number One..... "Gag, WHAAAALLL, Gag, WHAAAALL, BLEEEEEEEHHHHH". Oh yes.  That is the sound of one of our doggies throwing up this morning at precisely the our room.....UNDER the BED! Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I looked at each other and said, "well this morning is starting out on a bright note!"
Scenario Number Two....."Mommy PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE will you get up and "sit with me" while I schedule my fall classes online?" Translation - Mommy, will you set your alarm for 6:30am, and then log on to Skype so you can watch me sit in the dark, and not talk to you because I cannot wake my sleeping roommate, while I type in my class selections for Fall Semester 2012? Because what if I am closed out? What if I need an alternative schedule to the backup schedule to the Plan B schedule that we already picked out????
The answer to which alarm worked best this morning is.....BOTH.  Yes BOTH. Ahhh the peaceful sound of a dog puking mixed in with the loud ringing of my alarm to gently wake me from my slumber. Joy.  Happiness.  Peace.
So of COURSE I got up.  And of COURSE I sat there in front of my computer and "watched" my daughter type in her schedule. And of COURSE she got her Plan A schedule because we only went over it a thousand times to make sure it worked. And of COURSE I cleaned up the dog puke under my bed.  Here at Yesteryear Acres we have what surely should be a "Patent Pending" system of dog puke removal and/or dog poop removal. We are certified experts in this area!
Paper Towels
2 Vinyl Gloves
Stiff Paper Plate
Grocery plastic sack
Carpet Cleaner
Procedure:  Cut paper plate in half with scissors.  Put on pair of gloves.  Hold each half of the paper plate in your hands and then SCOOP up the offending doggie mess with the plates.  VOILA! Paper plates make the BEST doggie yucky mess scrapers in the world! Throw paper plates in plastic sack.  Scrub small remaining smear mess with cleaner and paper towels.  DONE!
What a lovely morning.  And for all of you that are wondering and worried and fretting over why the doggie puked and if the doggie is okay - the answer is yes.  My doggie just thought that perhaps leaving behind a little bit of a shall I put this.....Cat "Fudgesicle" that she decided to eat late last night would be a loving and adorable way to start my morning. Aren't I blessed to have such awesome alarm systems???!!!! Please let me know if you would like me to share!

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