Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am not blatantly referring to a dear beloved family member, child, daughter, first born....who is currently at the United States Naval Academy, who is graduating in May....who I just saw over the weekend. I would never want to specifically call attention to one specific person but just in case you ARE my first born child, dear daughter, dear midshipman, at the Naval Academy...THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU. Dear sweet daughter of mine, I cannot tell you the joy and happiness I feel as Mr. Yesteryear Acres, aka your dad, unloads our SUV which is currently FULL of your stuff. Imagine my delight to find your room ALREADY full of stuff, so full in fact, that we get the privilege, no wait, complete and utter joy, in stacking all your belongings...in our living room. OH MY!  What an interior decorator's dream come true!!!  All your uniforms - stacked to the ceiling! Your box upon box upon box of chemistry books, teetering in a mountainous pile! I love the look of smashed cardboard boxes to complete the ambiance of a room. It feels so warm and homey. I am almost in the complete hope that you do not find time to clean out your room when you come home, so that your dad and I can just sit and stare....not at the television...but at your gigantic pile of belongings.  I am really glad that you had to move out of your room so soon and that I was there long enough so you could load the SUV to capacity.  I feel really happy here buried beneath your many accumulated possessions.  How someone who arrived at the Naval Academy with only one toothbrush could amass such an abundance of STUFF is beyond me. I don't think I can adequately express the building anticipation and excitement I feel knowing that more stuff is coming. Oh Boy! MORE STUFF!
Your loving and ever so sarcastic mother....who is looking forward to the day when you move your boxes...OUT of the living room.
ps....I love you.

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