Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pool...check! Ice Cream...CHECK!

Can you imagine anything more fun than staring at a doggie's behind all night long? I mean doesn't that sound AMAZING?  Why watch TV when you can stare at a doggie's butt?  Why sleep in a comfy bed when you can stare at a doggie's butt?  Why do anything other than stare at a doggie's butt?  Yes, this is the exciting life we lead at Yesteryear Acres.  We get to sit on the kitchen floor, by a little kiddie wading pool, with a pregnant doggie in the pool who is happily snoozing away, waiting for the big moment to arrive.  Our doggies never like to do the quick puppy deliveries.  I have heard from other breeders that their doggie delivers 8 puppies in 1 hour or something like that.  Not MY doggies.  My doggies are evidently so happy, so comfy, so enamored with the pampering, that they take their own sweet time.  A puppy every 2-3 hours seems a good pace.  That way there is time for a good nap in between. Time for lots of praise and accolades. Why rush the process?  Also why deliver a puppy in the waking hours when delivering a puppy at 2am is WAY more fun!!!! The only thing that works to keep me awake on nights like these is....ICE CREAM!  Lots and lots of ice cream.  Oh and yes while I prefer coffee ice cream....the mommy doggies like vanilla.  Ice Cream all around!


  1. As Mr. McFeeley used to say on the Mr. Rogers TV Show, "speedy delivery! "

  2. Whos the lucky mommy delivering?

  3. What kind of puppys?

    1. Double doodles and the mommy is Trixie


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